Team Lifts in Real Estate

Many real estate companies want to recruit more than just the right individual...

At times, organisations require fully formed teams to launch new products and services quickly and effectively or enter new regions or markets. We have worked with many clients over the years on ‘team lifts’. Team success is often the result of dynamics and relationships, so harnessing that intangible but prized chemistry for your own organisations is extremely appealing.

Acquiring a high functioning team with the necessary expertise can be hugely beneficial to both the organisation and the individuals involved. But not surprisingly, the process can be highly complex and sensitive, which is why you need an entrusted third party to deliver.

Our process ensures we’re with our clients every step of the way:

  • At the outset, we detail the legal ramifications and risks of all the options, agreeing a strategy and approach that works for the business.
  • At this point, we track relevant teams, competitors and provide a comprehensive map of the market.
  • Armed with this insight, we work with our clients to identify the groups of professionals we want to approach, looking at best fit and individuals.
  • We now begin engaging with our shortlist. This requires much handholding, given the sensitivity of the process
  • Consulting on all sides, we communicate with and advise the individuals and teams as they begin engaging with their existing employers.
  • Working on timing and co-ordination of all parties is central to a successful team lift out, so we guide all parties on the best approach.
  • Team lifts are highly susceptible to counter offers and other retention tactics. Once the target team is identified, clients must be decisive and show absolute commitment.

Our clients have been able to achieve competitive advantages through the team lifts we have secured. Often a more attractive alternative to M&A, companies have been able to cherry pick team members from proven teams to gain scale in a new environment.

If you need to quickly build capability or elevate your company’s experience and track record, please do get in touch to discuss how a team lift out might work.

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