Talent Monitoring – The Alternative Solution to Executive Search

Executive Search is the best method for finding and securing talent when there is a defined need. However, for some businesses, executive search does not suit their hiring model. The desire to hire upon opportunity and the ability to move quickly can see businesses tend to hire ex-colleagues, employee referrals or that one CV that gets sent speculatively by a recruiter. Whilst there is some merit in this, it does not allow the business to have enough knowledge on whether they are making a good hiring decision.

So, if you want to recruit on an opportunistic basis, or want to grow fast, I would suggest exploring Talent Monitoring.

So what is Talent Monitoring?

Talent Monitoring is the process of targeted talent being screened and kept in regular contact for a set period of time based on the clients specific requirements.

During the process, the client would be kept up to date regularly with hiring opportunities and information on what is happening in the recruitment market with the competition.

Regular meetings and interviews with the talent are customary, as is the frequency of sharing evaluations and recommendations with the client.

Why use Talent Monitoring?

Whilst the term Talent Monitoring is rarely heard of in the UK and Europe, it is a trusted hiring technique in North America and we expect will become a preferred method of hiring for a significant number of businesses in the UK and Europe very soon.

It is with that foresight we at Madison Lincoln feel prepared and eager to offer such a venture, with each campaign adjusted and tailored to the clients’ requirements.

Our Talent Monitoring project gives employers exclusive access to elite talent who are engaged with Madison Lincoln. By choosing this path, you will not be fighting over top talent as Madison Lincoln will be working exclusively with you and will not be sharing talent found with your direct competition.

Using Talent Monitoring can produce results quickly and we do use an external talent assessment company to help the hiring process if required. 

For more information on how it could work for your business, please contact Tom McNally on 0208 194 8248 or tom@madisonlincoln.com

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