Psychometric Testing for Senior Real Estate Talent

75% of The Times Top 100 companies and 70% of UK companies with over 50 employees use psychometric testing* as part of their recruitment process. But how important is psychometric testing for hiring senior real estate talent?

There are three key success factors when hiring a board-level executive:

  1. A Strong pool of applicants:
    An extensive and far-reaching research phase will produce an exhaustive pool of initial candidates from which to create exceptional shortlists.
  2. Securing your 1st choice candidate:
    This requires creating a positive and rewarding process that positively reflects on your organisation, detailed candidate packs and regular reporting from us.
  3. Ensuring long term success:
    The essential experience and skills will be checked early in the process, but ensuring cultural fit, personality, and communication styles to inspire and lead a team are harder to guarantee. Psychometric testing is a vital part of confirming this and will lead to better business outcomes and increased retention.

According to Hogan Assessments, ‘Leadership is the ability to build and maintain a team that performs well relative to its competition'**. Psychometric testing helps you understand a candidate’s aptitude for inspiring others, communication, management style, problem solving abilities, judgement and how their personality aligns with your organisation’s culture? Ultimately, the goal is to secure someone who creates an environment that positively influences team effectiveness.

What are we looking for?

As well as securing a candidate that will optimise the team they will lead, there are other reasons to use psychometric testing.

  • We want as much as possible to mitigate against unconscious bias in any recruitment process. Favouring certain types of contenders can not only create a narrower talent pool, but also means the best candidates can be overlooked.
  • The benefits of socioeconomic, ethnic, religious, neuro diversity in a workplace are well-recognised for increasing creativity, innovation, productivity, engagement, employee retention and overall business outcomes. Psychometric testing provides an objective predictor of work performance, cutting out any bias.
  • You may want to use testing to match a candidate with the type of personalities already in the team, the level of collaboration the role requires and team development needs to optimise team fit.
  • Discover hidden qualities and challenges, such as behaviour under stress or predict performance.

Why psychometric testing?

As well as supporting the selection and decision-making process for senior hires, we have also used psychometric testing to aid succession planning efforts, identifying future leaders already within the organisation.

Thomas International, a provider of psychometric assessment tools, deems it critical that leaders model their company’s values***. Workplace Personality Assessments will reveal innate personality preferences, their underlying motivations and how these will show in the work environment. We then map the candidates’ preferences against our client’s values.

We work with clients to secure the best senior real estate talent, using our in-depth understanding of the industry. Interviews combined with a candidate’s track record and reputation will encompass the bulk of the selection process, but psychometric testing helps to identify those essential character traits and competencies for leaders.

If you’d like to find out about our psychometric testing services, please do get in touch.



***Recruiting Leaders: 5 key risks in leadership recruitment and how to mitigate them. Thomas International 2022

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