Madison Lincoln’s first anniversary!!

What a year!! If you had asked me in January 2020, how to predict Madison Lincoln’s first year of trading, I would never have imagined a pandemic and the economy falling off a cliff.

On Tuesday 10th March 2020, Madison Lincoln officially opened for business. We were set to launch on Monday 9th but the sudden announcement of ‘Black Monday’ changed everything. Within those 24 hours, we spoke to many friends, family, and confidants and the general consensus was, ‘go ahead with the launch tomorrow, it might be a difficult couple of months but it will be fine.’ Thursday 12th March was my last day in the office until August! After a difficult first week, I spoke to a good friend who happens to be a Chief Risk Officer with an international bank and who had been following the pandemic very closely. His recommendation was to put the new business on hold and maybe relaunch in October/November time or take the year off!!

Despite that useful recommendation, we pushed ahead with the new venture. Over spring and summer, business development was difficult and month after month, the redundancies kept coming. Despite all of this, we remained resilient and determined and fortunately, we won some mandates. Whilst the initial business plan and subsequent business plans went in the bin, there were lots of lessons to be learnt and it gave us time to refine and develop our exciting recruitment services.

As we come to our first birthday, we are extremely grateful for the support and goodwill that we have received from our clients  and partners. With a year gone by, we are more confident that our service is a unique offering to our existing and future client base. Furthermore, we have observed with interest that our competitors have monitored our business model and have subsequently looked to duplicate it.

Moving forward, we have more exciting plans for the rest of 2021 and beyond. As the year progresses, we will look to expand and continue to pursue exciting talent to join our business.

There will be more challenges ahead but 2020 has given us the strength and determination to succeed. We will continue to offer our clients strong, agile and creative recruitment solutions.

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