Executive Search

Madison Lincoln Executive Search recruit for senior executives (Board, C-suite and Senior Management level) across the Real Estate industry. We work closely with our clients to assess the market for talent and then create a tailored or bespoke strategy to attract the best talent in the market. An in-depth and comprehensive research campaign will then be undertaken to create a list of desired candidates which we present face to face before we move towards the offer management process.

At Madison Lincoln, every client is important and each engagement is unique. From having the experience of being a client (in-house recruiter), we understand the importance of regular communication and working closely with our partner to achieve our joint objective. Our experience allows us to foresee potential pitfalls and plan accordingly.

Our team has in-depth real estate sector experience of senior executive hiring across the globe.

Our Process

1st Stage

Discuss Client Requirement

  • Meet with the decision makers
  • Assist in developing job specification
  • Provide competitive market intelligence and draw on previous projects, research and industry knowledge
  • Formulate search strategy and review position specification
  • (Sign NDA if appropriate to protect client confidentiality)

2nd Stage

Begin the Search Process

  • Contact prospects
  • Share market feedback regarding client, position, opportunity
  • Produce detailed, comprehensive candidate reports
  • Brief candidates confidentially on opportunity and client company

3rd Stage

Candidate Interviews

  • Arrange client/candidate meetings (including scheduling, travel and accommodation)
  • Discuss client’s reactions/feedback to candidates
  • Debrief candidates and provide client with relevant feedback
  • Schedule follow-up meetings with finalist candidates and with lead candidate

4th Stage

Reference Checks & Offer Management

  • Conduct reference checks on lead candidate
  • Contact referees and present client with the feedback
  • Structure, negotiate and make offer
  • Consult with successful candidate and advise on resignation
  • Manage resignation through to first day of employment

In addition to a traditional executive search, we will also offer the following:

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